Learning Communities

Learning Communities (LCs) are opportunities for you to come together with others in person or online to learn about God, God’s heart for the world, and how you fit into His plan. Several LCs will be offered throughout the year with each being led by a moderator/teacher. Some LCs are discussion based, while some are lecture oriented, and some LCs are designed for those with questions about faith, while others are designed to equip maturing believers. Wherever you are in your faith journey we invite you to learn along with us. 

Listed below are two Learning Communities that are currently in session. We will begin a new session in the spring. Check back for details about classes that will be offered then.

Habits of a Christian

This class will go through the Biblical basis for spiritual habits such as prayer, fasting, meditation, and Bible reading, as a means of developing greater intimacy with God. We will do this through small group and large group discussions of God's word as well as personal experiences with these habits. Ultimately, our goal is to develop a plan of how we can each practice them in our lives today.

Habits of a Christian is a 6-week course, offered both in person and online beginning the week of January 17.

From Genesis to Revelation

These sessions will explore the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. As followers of Jesus we need to not only read the Bible, but understand how each book, collection of books and the genres work together to share God’s story with its readers. When we see the big picture of how the Bible fits together, we begin to understand the smaller pictures within it as well. Most of all we see how it points to Jesus as the Savior of the world and our need for faith in him. At the end of this series the student will have gained a greater confidence in its teachings, a greater confidence in how to interpret those teachings, and a greater confidence in sharing it with others.

From Genesis to Revelation is a 7-week course, offered both in person and online beginning the week of January 17.