Digital Neighborhood

Connect with us after the livestream

click the button below to join the zoom call immediately after the 9 am livestream on Sundays

At Davisville we believe that God desires for us to be in community and that influencing others to fully follow Jesus happens best in the context of relationship. Whether you are joining us in-person or online, we want to help you to take the next step toward connecting with others.

We invite you to participate in our Digital Neighborhood following the livestream of the 9:00 gathering. The Digital Neighborhood will begin right after the livestream ends, will last about 40 minutes and will include both large and small group discussions led by hosts who are ready to spark conversation! Whether you have been attending Davisville for a week or ten years, live locally or hours away, this is a great way to meet and connect with others after the online service.  

Chuck and Janice share about their experience with Digital Neighborhood

How do I join?

Simply click the Zoom link at the button above on Sundays right after the 9 am service. If you don't have Zoom downloaded, you will be directed to do so.

A host will let you into the digital meeting. Make sure your name is listed correctly so that the group can greet you appropriately when you enter.

What to expect

Everyone who joins will start out in one large group. For the first 10 minutes the hosts will guide you through introductions and a community time question designed to help you get to know each other. Then you will break into small groups to discuss the following questions:

  1. What is one thing giving you life right now?
  2. What stood out to you from today’s sermon?
  3. Does anyone sense God nudging them (or us) toward a next step? What is it?

Lastly, the small groups will come together as a large group for prayer.

Have questions?

Please reach out to Pastor Matt at with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you!