Difference Maker Weekend Content

Session and Breakout Recordings

Difference Maker - So Much More

You were created for so much more! Jesus accomplished something so significant that it changed everything, and he invites us to participate in his ongoing work to restore our broken world. When we say “yes” to God, we quickly find out that there is so much more to life than we could ever imagine. 

We hosted our third Difference Maker weekend on March 11 & 12. If you missed it or want to go back and listen again, the recordings for all of the sessions are below.

Main Sessions

#1 - The Gospel is Good News - Bobby Larew

Gospel means “good news”, it is an announcement that something happened and that changes everything. The good news is that God invites us into his life.

The Gospel is Good News - Bobby Larew

#2 - The Gospel is Powerful - Tim Wilson

The Apostle Paul wrote that he was not ashamed of the gospel because it is the power of God that brings salvation for everyone who believes. When we learn to depend on the power of the gospel each day, each moment, we begin to experience a different kind of life, one that is not stale and boring, but vibrant and exciting. 

The Gospel is Powerful - Tim Wilson

#3 - The Gospel As a Way of Life - Matt Rosenfeld

When we receive the Gospel through faith it’s like a seed is planted in our heart. The expectation is for that seed to grow and produce fruit. What does that fruit look like and how do I foster an environment for growth?

The Gospel As a Way of Life - Matt Rosenfeld

Breakout Sessions

Navigating Relationships in Ministry - led by Pat and Jeannie Hartsfield - Working with others (yes, even Christians) can be a challenge in ministry and on the mission field. Pat and Jeannie will discuss some of the challenges of team dynamics, and some practical ways to navigate those challenges. Click here to download the slides from their presentation.

Navigating Relationships in Ministry - Pat and Jeannie Hartsfield

Gospel and Suffering - led by Chuck and Janice Walton - We don’t usually equate suffering with good news. Chuck and Janice will share the real-life challenges of serving in another culture, especially one that is hostile toward Christians. You will learn how to count it all joy when you face various trials and difficulties.  

Gospel and Suffering - Chuck and Janice Walton

Business as Mission - led by Steve (last name omitted due to sensitivity of his work) - How can you use your profession to serve God? Learn about Steve and Judy’s work in North Africa and how God used their talents in the business world to serve His mission. They currently serve in the Greater Philadelphia area using those same gifts to further God’s kingdom.     

Business as Mission - Steve

Partners with God: A Vision for our Everyday Vocationsled by John Spadafora - What vision do you have for who you are and what you do every day? How do your everyday occupations connect with God’s purposes in the world? Come explore what it looks like to “partner with God” in your daily work/callings, reflecting Jesus and being the means of His work wherever you are. Click here to download the slides from the presentation.

Partners with God: A Vision for our Everyday Vocations – John Spadafora