Difference Maker 5-Day Challenge

Step in to the life of a refugee

Welcome to the Difference Maker 5-Day Challenge!

Jesus commanded us to make disciples of all nations, so we designed this experience to help you become a more globally-minded follower of Jesus. Believe it or not, there are groups of people all around the world with little to no access to the life-changing message of Jesus. This 5-day challenge will highlight one of those people groups, the Rohingyas, who are living as refugees in the country of Bangladesh. You will be given a survival guide and rations kit that will challenge you to STEP-IN to their daily struggle by eating a common refugee diet accompanied by daily learning opportunities and disruptions to your everyday schedule. The 5-day challenge will be a church-wide experience that runs from March 1 - March 5. Check out the details below and click the sign up button to register as a participant.

How to Participate

  1. Decide how you will participate in the challenge - as an individual, family or life group.
  2. Sign up by clicking the button above.
  3. Pick up your free Rations Kit and Survival Guide.
  4. Kits will be available at church beginning February 14. You can pick it up on Sunday mornings or on Wednesday evenings, February 17 and 24 from 6 - 7:30 pm.
  5. Ration kits will include the following items for each person: 3 cups of dry oats, 3 cups of dried lentils, 3 cups of rice and 3 cups of flour. The challenge is to use only these items for your meals for the five days. See the Survival Guide for modifications.
  6. You can check out the Survival Guide ahead of time by downloading the digital version here or at the button above.
  7. We'll kick off challenge week on Sunday, February 28 during our services so be sure to join us in person or online. The 5-Day Challenge journey will begin on Monday, March 1. In addition to the challenge to eat like a refugee for the 5 days, the Survival Guide includes daily readings, challenges and discussion questions.  
  8. During the week, stay connected with others participating in the challenge through our private Facebook group, Davisville Family. If you haven’t joined the group, you can do so by clicking here.
  9. At the end of the five days, we’ll send out a short survey for you to fill out letting us know you completed the challenge. For every individual that completes it, we will donate $25 to the Memorial Christian Hospital in Bangladesh (maximum gift is $4000). See the resources below and in the Survival Guide for more information.      
  10. Be sure to join us online or in person on Sunday, March 7 as we'll wrap up the experience in our services.

Next Steps Resources

The following are direct links to the resources listed in the Survival Guide.



Meet the Rohingya video


NEXT STEPS and RESOURCES (Survival Guide pages 16 -17)


Al's Story


Reaching the Unreached

Grow to Go Test

What Kind of Goer Are You? Quiz

Across the Street and Around The World - We are hosting a book club for those interested in reading and discussing this great resource written by Jeannie Marie. The club will meet in person on Sunday mornings at 10:30 am, March 14 - April 25 (skipping April 4). Click here for more info and to register!



Ten Ways to Make Ten Friends - click link and enter your name and email to download this guide


Joshua Project

Operation World


MEMORIAL CHRISTIAN HOSPITAL (Survival Guide pages 18 - 19)

Video - Memorial Christian Hospital: Celebrating More Than Medicine

Article from Christianity Today - When the Rohingya Came, This Christian Hospital Was Ready